About Us

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Susan + Miroslav

We call each other… Käfer (among many other nicknames).  Käfer is German for “bug,” for those of you who don’t know, and the nickname came about when Miri and I were swimming together and he laughed that I kept latching onto him like a bug. At first I was insulted, but the name stuck and you’ll rarely hear us call each other by our first names to this very day. It also explains why our symbol is the ladybug 🙂

We were born…across the world from each other. Miri was the first twin to appear in February 1984 in Nove Zamky, Slovakia. I came along 7 years later in June 1991 in Oakland, California.

We love to…travel. In fact, we simply cannot stop. You could say we’ve had a bad case of the “travel bug” ever since the beginning of our relationship. Back in January 2012–after dating for nearly a month in Vienna, Austria–I moved to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany for my second study-abroad semester, which resulted in Miri and I meeting up in a different city every couple of months to see each other. First came Paris, then came Rome, then Prague, then Budapest, then, well, you get the point…

We are…travelers, not tour guides. The point of this blog is not to show you “the best” of each destination — that’s what guide books are for.  Our blog is merely our travel diary: a collection of our favorite pictures, memories and adventures.

We’re currently…living in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were based in Vienna for the last two years, but decided to make the switch and try our luck at the “American Dream,” California style.

We speak to each other…in a mixture of German and English (and, slowly, a bit of Slovak).

We can’t wait…for our next trip. Did we mention we love to travel?