Sausalito Houseboats

IMG_8387 IMG_8544 IMG_8420 IMG_8475 IMG_8451 IMG_8496 IMG_8515 IMG_8522 IMG_8437 IMG_8493 IMG_8502 IMG_8469 IMG_8426 IMG_8447 IMG_8436 IMG_8542 IMG_8500 IMG_8422 IMG_8455 IMG_8409Walking around the Sausalito houseboats is one of my favorite things to do in Marin County. Located right along Richardson Bay, this unique and vibrant community is open to anyone interested in taking his/her own walking tour as the gates to the docks are almost always left unlocked.

These houseboats date back to WWII and it’s clear that many of the people who live in these “floating homes” are professional artists. Walking around here is a photographer’s dream. The docks are lined with numerous, colorful potted succulents and flowers, tended to by the residents who seem to use the extra space on the docks as a collective “front yard.” The houseboats themselves vary in size and architectural design. I love how each home is a reflection of its resident; some are a little crazier, some are a little more toned down, some are simply falling apart. There’s truly a houseboat here for everyone. I tend to like the crazier of the bunch, the ones painted with neon colors and decorated with strange pieces of art (like the cat with its mouth hanging open…seriously, what is that? Or what about the house with a giant seagull’s eye for a window?). Many of the houses even have their own names.

It was a rather chilly, cloudy day in January when we took these pictures, but the foggy atmosphere of the place was just perfect. I almost felt like we were somewhere in Scandinavia. Still, I’d love to come back on a bright, warm day and see how the community is transformed by the sun. Maybe then we’ll feel like we’re somewhere along the Mediterranean.


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